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"I just wanted you to know that I enjoy a lot, and learn from, your TCR. This is going to be one tough race. I predict that there will be fewer "undecided" going into this election than ever before making voter turnout the deciding issue. The media has always been bias but more so now than ever."
- George W. Strake, Jr.

"Your point no. 4 (Vol. III No. 4) - I hope you are correct about the 'Voters Guides'. I'm hoping they will over time self-destruct and I agree that they have far less influence. I can't, and won't pay for an endorsement even if I could-come what may. I was glad to see that Dr. Hotze had his picture on the front of his, as well as yours. These were the only ones that were clearly identified and the only ones who have also never asked me for money as well. I don't mind the guides as long as they are clear on who is behind it and how they go about their endorsing."
- Terri Leo

"Thanks for the very informative recent issue of your Texas Conservative Review (Vol. III No. 2). I've never seen information anywhere before on the compactness ratio and deviations therefrom. Wow! Keep up the good work."
- Tim Taft

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